Customize suitable load polyurethane wheels for your applicat

Customize suitable load polyurethane wheels for your application with needs

This is the main reason for the failure of forklift load wheels, and how to make these load wheels get the best service life.
1. Choosing the right load wheel hardness for your application can help extend the service life of the load wheel. The hardness meter refers to the hardness of the compound that loads the wheel, based on the range of 0-100. The higher the hardness, the harder the compound. The average hardness of forklift load wheels is about 80-97. A lower hardness tester (approximately 85) will allow your forklift to provide smoother absorption for the operator.
2. The damaged floor will also affect your load wheels. Cracks, potholes, bumps and uneven ground can severely damage load wheels and forklifts. The heavy blow and impact of the load wheel will cause the load wheel to rupture and chip.
3. Dirty floors will also affect the service life of your load wheels. Garbage, broken pallet fragments and debris may get stuck between the load wheels, causing the load wheels to crack and shatter.
4. Dragging pallet cargo to the dock floor will greatly affect the cargo ship. It is expected that most operators will be highly efficient in loading and unloading products on trucks. Operators will try to reduce loading time by incompletely picking up goods from the floor or pushing pallets on the floor. Both will generate intense heat on the load wheel, which may cause delamination of the load wheel, which means that the mixture will fall off the hub. You should properly train operators to use the equipment correctly.
5. The color of the load wheel does not define the hardness or even the part number of the load wheel. Any compound or durometer can be any color made by the manufacturer. To learn about the hardness tester you are currently using, please contact us, we can use special tools to test the hardness tester to obtain this information for you and recommend the appropriate hardness for your application.