Customized 1 ton frame load turning deivce with easy operation

Car disc load turning device below 1 ton
The utility model is applied to the turning of the frame of the automobile painting line, and the application of the turning machine of the turning plate solves the problem of turning of the turning plate.
What are the advantages of a 1 ton frame load turning device?
1. Using remote control can make large workpieces have the characteristics of non-slip and non-spin.
2. Can be flipped to any angle according to requirements, easy to operate and flexible to use.
3.Using remote control operation to keep personnel away from flipping workpieces, and gently flipping freely.
4. Flexible movement, no need to move large workpieces, the equipment can be moved to the spot where the workpiece can be suspended and flipped.
5. The equipment adopts the back suspension chain to fix the suspension and flip the workpiece.
6. It can improve the turnover efficiency and greatly reduce the cost.
7. Not limited by the length, width, size and shape of the workpiece.