DRS500 travelling wheel blocks manufacturer supply

DRS500 travelling wheel blocks manufacturer supply
Customized Solutions
Perfect combination with speed reduction motor in Demag modular drive system to form a complete walking unit
High rigidity due to special reinforcement
Thanks to the compact system design, the traveling wheel boxes have a high net height off the ground - for the complete drive, their reduction gears are designed specifically for the traveling wheel load
Horizontal guide wheel sets and buffers available in various sizes and designs (optional)
Very easy assembly
Housing can be directly connected to the upper structure
Due to the compact design and positioning tolerances of the housing and the precise geometry of all planes, it is easy to connect to the upper structure
The laser calibration system can be used to calibrate the wheelbox easily and precisely
Thanks to a patented asymmetric housing, the wheels can be easily replaced without recalibrating the top connection
Traveling wheel blocks can also be transversely moved and aligned after installation on hollow steel and beams (for top, end and pin connections)