DRS 250 Demag type wheel block supply

DRS 250 Demag type wheel block supply, DRS wheel block as a key component of the crane traveling mechanism, used to support the load of the crane, on the track to allow the crane to run repeatedly. Mainly composed of wheels and shafts, bearings and bearing boxes, its quality has a great impact on the crane. DRS wheelblocks are supplied with running accessories, including Demag wheelblocks, of good quality, smooth and Non-frictional operation of the crane.
Advantages of Demag DRS Wheel block
1.Demag DRS Wheel block is light in weight, small in size and heavy in load;
2. Demag DRS Wheel block has fine workmanship and strong structure;
3. Demag DRS Wheel block is easy to install and maintain with high assembly accuracy;
4. Demag DRS Wheel block runs smoothly, safely and reliably;
5. Demag DRS Wheel block has low noise and long life;
6. Demag DRS Wheel block quality, high efficiency.