DRS Walking Box System of China manufacturer

Based on the intelligent modular design concept, Kunfeng Heavy Industries has a good matching performance, which can be quickly and efficiently applied in both standard and tailor-made solutions. One of the advantages is that the load wheel can carry up to 60 tons, the walking wheel is a modular system, and the load capacity can reach 40 tons.
    Our  DRS walking wheel box system is versatile and perfectly integrated with our modular drive system. With eight fine-grained specifications, each of the wheels has a load capacity of up to 40 tons, making it the most suitable wheel box for every application. A wide selection of walking wheels and special walking wheels are designed to make almost any running track and operating conditions. Cost-effective, can be installed directly.
More advantages:
Excellent performance and maximum load capacity;
Provides a wide range of standardized walking wheels and custom designs;
Provides 4 options for connecting to the superstructure;
High quality housing for optimum protection of the wheels and bearings;
High hardness;
Optional accessories can be connected directly;
Laser calibration system can be used for walking wheel boxes of multiple walking units.