DRS Wheel Block System

DRS  Wheel Block System is used to support DRS and load. It is the key component of DRS traveling mechanism. It is a device that makes DRS run repeatedly on the track. It is an important accessory of DRS and a medium and high-end wheel set, which plays an important role in the safe operation of DRS.
Maintenance requirements of DRS  Wheel Block System
1. Ensure that the central plane of the position width of the DRS traveling wheel box wheel is consistent with the symmetrical center of the two bearing boxes;
2. Check the wear condition of the wheels of the DRS traveling wheel box;
3. Ensure that the supporting planes of the two bearing boxes of the DRS traveling wheel box are parallel to the central plane of the wheel width, and the deviation value shall not be higher than 0.07mm;
4. Check whether the DRS traveling wheel box wheel and shaft fit well;
5. If uneven wear or fatigue peeling occurs on the wheel rolling surface of DRS traveling wheel box, resulting in uneven concave convex, the wheel shall be replaced;
6. Ensure that the inclination of DRS traveling wheel box wheels in the vertical direction is no more than 1mm.
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