DRS traveling wheel box with simple assembly and low maintenance requirements

Assembly is very simple
The housing can be directly connected to the superstructure
Due to the compact design and positioning tolerance of the shell, and the geometric structure of all planes, it can be easily connected to the upper structure;
The laser calibration system can be used to calibrate the walking wheel box simply and easily;
Thanks to the obtained asymmetric housing, the walking wheels can be easily replaced without the need to recalibrate the top connection;
The traveling wheel box can also be moved laterally and aligned after being installed on the hollow steel and beam (for top, end and pin connection).

Low maintenance requirements
Five connected and sealed cast iron shells can securely protect the running wheel and prevent it from being affected by any mechanical force;
Larger size grooved ball bearings are lubricated for life, the tapered roller bearing specification is DRS 250;
Travel wheels made of self-lubricating ductile iron (GGG 70) have low friction and are highly wear-resistant;
The wear indicator is integrated on the wheel with rim, which can be diagnosed remotely and intuitively.