DRS traveling wheel set used to support the crane load and make the crane move back and forth on the track

The DRS walking wheel box used in driving is also called the wheel set. The wheel set refers to the mechanical equipment composed of wheels and axles, bearings and bearing boxes.
Wheels are used to support cranes and loads, and to make cranes travel back and forth on the track. The main forms of wheel damage are wear, hardened lamination and pitting corrosion. The material of the wheel is generally ZG430-640 cast steel. In order to improve the wear resistance and life of the wheel surface, the tread should be surface heat treated, the surface hardness is required to be HB300-350, and the quenching depth is not less than 20mm.
Explosion-proof wheel sets are mainly used in flammable and explosive environments such as explosion-proof cranes, mining cranes, explosion-proof electric flat cars and mining vehicles. European-style wheel sets are light in weight, small in size, and easy to install. Forged wheels are mostly used, and they are mainly used for modern European-style cranes. Flat wheel sets are mainly used on double beam cranes. The driving wheel set has a wide range of uses, and the running speed is relatively slow. A few wheels also have the power supply capability, and they usually adopt a single-rim structure. The trolley group is selected according to the total load of each support point and the selection method of the number of wheel groups. Usually, a balanced car is used to balance the load of the wheel groups.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.