DRS walking wheel box system, Demag DRS wheel set, driving trolley wheel

The DRS wheel box is welded by steel plate, which is suitable for applications such as impact load.
The DRS system can also be suitable for high temperature (up to 250 °C) or where a stainless steel housing is required.
The system has a variety of travel wheel designs and can be connected to the upper structure, so it is very suitable for general occasions.
Other advantages include:
5 specifications, with a deadweight range of 3.5 tons to 18 tons;
The shell is made of steel or stainless steel;
Standard configuration of a variety of walking wheels;
Provide 4 options for connecting to the superstructure;
Driven by Demag parallel shaft geared motor;
Equipped with modular installation accessories, such as torque brackets, guide wheels and buffers.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.