DRS walking wheel box walking wheel box system

DRS walking wheel box walking wheel box system:
Steel material and mechanical components have a long service life
Special design is suitable for high temperature field platform with temperature up to 150 °C
Or equipped with high temperature resistant bracket bearings, which can withstand high temperatures up to 250 °C
Stainless steel material design is especially suitable for chemical, food industries and corrosive environments
Multifunctional standard travel wheel design
The shell is made of steel or stainless steel
5 specifications, with a load range of 3.5 tons to 18 tons
Easy to install
Five precision-machined connection surface boxes with reserved mounting holes
Wheel box and accessories can be quickly installed and removed
Preserve pin mounting holes on the side of the box for installation
Equipped with modular installation accessories, such as torque bracket, guide wheel set and buffer built-in connection drive
The solid connection with the hollow shaft of the gearbox (involute spline) ensures reliable driving torque
Especially suitable for common forward and reverse occasions in walking applications
The Demag modular system includes D1 torque bracket (installed directly to the wheel box) or D2 torque bracket (installed to the customer's superstructure) to accommodate the transmission of driving torque.