DRS wheel blocks are used to support a crane

DRS wheel blocks are used to support a crane, prevent it from overturning or sinking by stabilizing its base. They serve as a simple solution for adding stability to your cranes' foundation during movement, installation and operation.It has been successfully used in many different cranes.

DRS wheel block is a fast, efficient and economical way to reduce the potential for crane impact damage to unprotected buildings. It reduces the damage by allowing the wheel to absorb any thrust from the pivot pin.
The DRS wheel block prevents the wheels of the crane from getting stuck when transporting the crane dolly over uneven ground. The block is a drop-down type and comes with spring and piston. The weight rating is up to 40 tons.
DRS wheel blocks are designed for heavy duty applications in various industries, such as crane and mining. The DRS wheel block features an ultra-strong high-temperature rubber compound that offers significant load bearing capacity and is capable of withstanding high impact loads. This feature makes the DRS wheels suitable for use on rough terrain and general industrial machinery.