DRS wheel boxes that must be inspected and maintained during daily driving

With the advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of economy, as an important part of the industry, DRS travel wheel boxes play an important role in the safe operation of cranes in the lifting field, especially in industrial production and high-altitude buildings. status. Therefore, we must do a good job in the inspection and maintenance of the DRS wheel box in the daily operation of the driving, carefully check whether the driving pulley guard is loose or deformed, and ensure that the DRS wheel box pulley can rotate flexibly. DRS traveling wheel box is one of the important parts of the crane. Its quality directly determines whether the crane can work normally.
The DRS traveling wheel box is a key component of the crane's traveling mechanism. It is used to support the crane's load and is a device that makes the crane run repeatedly on the track. It is mainly composed of wheels and shafts, bearings and bearing boxes. Its quality has a great influence on the crane.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.