DRS wheel set accessories for supporting cranes and loads

DRS Wheel group definition
Wheels are used to support cranes and loads, and to make the crane reciprocate on the track. The main forms of wheel damage are wear, hardened chipping and pitting. The material of the wheel is generally ZG430-640 cast steel. In order to improve the wear resistance and life of the wheel surface, the tread surface should be heat-treated. The surface hardness is HB300-350, and the quenching depth is not less than 20mm.
Wheel group structure
In the application, the control of the horizontal deflection of the wheels of the operating mechanism is mainly based on the adoption of corresponding technical measures based on different product structures. The more common and relatively simple design structure is to assemble the wheels on the bracket to form a wheel set, such as an angular bearing box wheel set and a trolley-type 45 ° split bearing box wheel set. On the main structure of the crane, install After adjusting the wheel's horizontal deflection, it is fixed.
Wheel set use
Crane wheel set: The horizontal deflection value of the wheels of the crane running mechanism is an important technical parameter of the crane. The excessive deviation of the deflection value will cause the rails to increase the running resistance, generate vibration and noise, increase the wear of the track and wheels, and greatly reduce the use of the crane Life, so all kinds of crane manufacturing technical conditions must specify allowable values ​​for wheel horizontal deflection.