Daily maintenance of Mecanum wheels of AGV car

What should we pay attention to in the daily maintenance of the AGV car Mecanum wheel?
First, when do we need to check?
After a long period of use, the Mecanum AGV car may wear out the AGV car.We can ensure that the Mecanum wheel AGV car will not malfunction and be seriously worn out next time. . So when do you need to check? 
Second, what needs to be checked?
1. Cleanliness of the AGV car of Mecanum wheel.
2. Pay attention to whether there are rags on the wheels.
3. Check whether there are any obstacles in the working area of ​​the AGV car of Mecanum wheel.
4. Check whether the bolts and nuts are loose, the roof guard of the Mecanum wheel AGV car is loose, and whether the chain and the oil pipe are in a normal state.
5. Pay attention to whether the charging area of ​​the Mecanum wheeled AGV car is safe, whether there are exposed wires, and whether the plug is connected well, and whether the circuit is worn.
6. Check whether there are enough fire extinguishers around the Mecanum wheeled AGV car and whether the fire extinguishers can be used normally, especially in the charging area and working area of ​​the AGV car.
7. Check whether the Mecanum wheel is badly worn.
8. Check whether the supporting equipment of the trolley can be used normally, such as computer terminals.
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