Design and Research of Large Plate Load Turning Crane

The composite panel reinforced concrete structure residential system has a high degree of industrialization and standardization, good precision and high efficiency. The design and manufacture of large plate load turning cranes are an important part of realizing the industrialized prefabrication method. The high-precision positioning, four-point simultaneous lifting, hydraulic clamping and high-altitude overturning proposed by the industrialized prefabricated assembly line are all suitable for the design of large plate load turning cranes. And production put forward higher requirements.

Construction of the crane
The large plate load turning crane is mainly composed of hoisting mechanism, turning mechanism, running mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical system and bridge frame.
The large-scale panel load turning crane is widely used in the construction of large-scale prefabricated panels. This product can quickly and effectively transport the large-scale prefabricated panels and place them neatly, realize automatic control, improve production efficiency, and save labor and transportation costs. Save time and shorten construction period. The successful development of this large plate load turning crane fills the gap of this technology, can speed up the technological upgrading of the industry.