Double hoist load turning crane

Double hoist load turning crane 360-degree overturning is a suspended load turning crane used with crane traveling. With the development of the economy and the rapid growth of infrastructure, the demand for various types of construction machinery has increased significantly. In the manufacture of construction machinery, the production of welded structural parts such as frames occupies a large proportion. The requirement in this design is for the workpiece to be turned over to facilitate the installation of components. In order to ensure the installation quality of installation components, it is necessary to vigorously develop corresponding installation equipment that can improve production efficiency and production quality. During the installation and machining of large structural parts, some workpieces need to be turned 180 degrees. The general practice is to use a crane to lift, raise one end, move it, and then lower it to turn the workpiece. For large structures, this operation is quite dangerous, and it is also limited by the lifting height of the vehicle. The other is to hoist the turning machine for turning, but this method has poor operation safety due to the large rotation radius of the workpiece and the high clamping position. Another method is to flip like a book. Although the operation position is low, it occupies a very large space. If the workpiece is clamped at a low position first, then the workpiece is raised to a certain height and then turned over, and then lowered and disassembled after completion, the production efficiency will be low, and the equipment manufacturing cost will be high. After investigation, it was found that the hidden danger of production safety of turning over large structural parts is common in the field of construction machinery manufacturing. Our overhead turner meets these needs.