Dust-free clean crane configuration and technical description

Dust-free clean crane configuration and technical description
First, the hoisting mechanism and walking mechanism of the crane
1. Lifting mechanism
The lifting mechanism adopts a chain hoist, the chain is not easy to be damaged, and there is less dust generated by friction.
①Lifting chain: FEC80 super heat-treated alloy steel chain imported from Japan, with low wear and long service life, with additional chain sleeves on the surface
②Chain bag: stainless steel chain bag is used, with little wear and no paint peeling off on the surface;
③Two-speed lifting, slow speed when precise positioning is required, and fast speed when loading and unloading to effectively improve the efficiency of use.
④The hook adopts stainless steel hook to reduce unnecessary wear and tear.
2. Walking mechanism
①The small wheels adopt nylon wheels, which effectively reduce the dust caused by friction:
②The SEW motor of walking motor has low noise and high efficiency:
③The walking adopts frequency conversion control, the start-up braking is stable, and the energy-saving effect is obvious, which saves your company's energy consumption.
Second, the crane structure
The double-beam type is adopted, and the trolley walks on the top of the beam. The debris generated by friction and the dust in the workshop are accumulated on the upper part of the beam, which is convenient for driving.
①The main beam is made of 304 stainless steel, which has high strength and is made of a whole stainless steel plate with no welding seam in the middle;
②The surface of the main beam is polished by professionals, the overall effect is smooth and clean, and there is no paint peeling off, etc.:
③The trolley track stainless steel track reduces the wear of the trolley wheels;
④The paint conductive groove is installed on the top of the main beam to prevent sundries from falling, and it can be cleaned regularly.
Third, the electrical part of the crane
①The power distribution of the trolley adopts the industrial drag chain system, which is small in wear, easy to use, and easy to maintain:
②The power distribution of the cart adopts a safety electric rail and a dust-proof plate, and the electric rail has no joints to prevent debris from falling. Regular cleaning is enough;
③The crane electrical evaluation uses German Schneider products, which are safe and reliable, with low failure rate:
④The cranes are equipped with overload protection, pressure loss protection and direction limit protection.