Dust-proof countermeasures for cranes in clean rooms

The standard configuration of the clean room clean crane series is double-speed lifting and frequency conversion, double-speed frequency conversion for large and small cars, so that users can locate the load during lifting or operation, reduce the swing of the lifting object, and increase the safety and safety in the process of operating safety.
Dust-proof countermeasures for cranes in clean room of dust-free workshop
The surface of the wheel is nickel-plated or directly made of stainless steel, and the hardness reaches HV550-HV1100
The hoist power supply guide rail adopts non-destructive or wear-resistant plastic towing system
The crane and hoist electric trolleys are operated with synthetic resin guide wheels, and the surface of the guide wheels is made of stainless steel.
Unique nickel-plated alloy chain and load hook with metal penetration and expansion treatment to avoid dust generation during operation
The chain barrel and chain part are equipped with special dustproof connecting plate and chain sleeve
The crane coating is processed by special resin coating after fine shot blasting, and the surface is milky white
The crane is lifted, and the electric and small vehicles adopt frequency conversion control mode, and are equipped with dust collection device
Other small parts of the crane are also treated with various dust prevention measures
Smooth operation and quick positioning