Electric chain hoist of China lifting manufacturer

of electric chain hoist:
First, the comprehensive performance of the motor is good, ensuring the safety and reliability of use, reducing the probability of occurrence of danger.
Second, the structure of the entire body is very simple. Convenient for installation, disassembly, overhaul, and good maintainability.
Third, the clearance height is the best, effectively saving space, not limited by the space.
The four-in-one transmission technology provides excellent performance. The hoisting speed reducer made of high-quality alloy steel can realize three-stage deceleration, the operation is very stable, the service life is long, the performance is reliable, and the CD hoist intermediate shaft long distance transmission is avoided. Many shortcomings.
 More unique innovations, novel appearance, beautiful appearance, exquisite structure and light weight.
Electric chain hoist features:
1. Compact structure, using weight box, all kinds of scrap steel or stone materials can be added, which can effectively save steel, and the outer size is smaller than the weight-type low clearance electric hoist;
2. The lifting part of the main part adopts a square welded structure. The mounting bolt holes are on all sides. It has high versatility and can be quickly changed with the fixed or suspended trolley-operated electric hoist. Easy to use, easy to operate;
3. During the operation of the hoist, a hexagonal steel drives the driving wheels on both sides to transmit the torque. The greater the torque is transmitted, the higher the reliability, and the failure of the flat key shearing does not occur. It is very advantageous to install and adjust the running part of the hoist;
4. The cable is not exposed on the outside of the main body of the hoist. The cables are regularly arranged in various ways in the interior of the hoist. From the appearance, the hoist is more beautiful.