Electric hoist specifications model introduction

1. From the classification of electric hoist:
Electric hoist main categories: electric chain hoist, wire rope electric hoist, miniature electric hoist, combined chain electric hoist, winch, multi-function hoist, multi-function electric lifting. Electric chain hoist is also called electric chain hoist (electric chain), electric hoist, referred to as electric hoist. It consists of an electric motor, a transmission mechanism and a reel or sprocket.
2. Electric hoist lifting weight introduction:
The electric hoist generally has a weight of 0.1 to 80 tons and a lifting height of 3 to 30 meters. Most electric hoists are operated on the ground by a button, or they can be operated in the driver's cab or wired (wireless) remote control. In addition to being used alone, the electric hoist can also be assembled with manual, chain or electric trolleys and suspended from the roof of a building or the beam of a crane.