Factors Affecting the Quality of Double Girder crane in Clean

Factors Affecting the Quality of Double Girder crane in Clean Room

As a kind of equipment that will be applied in various fields now, double-girder cranes naturally have many types, and different types of double-girder cranes can meet the application needs of different fields. Among the many types of double-beam cranes, clean room double-beam cranes are commonly used in clean rooms and clean rooms. It is also a new type of clean lifting equipment, which is mainly used for engineering installation, automobile manufacturing, and clean color. In environments such as clean room production. So what will affect the quality of the double-beam driving equipment in the clean room? Let's follow the Anhui clean room driving manufacturer to learn about it!
The quality of the double beam traveling motor in the clean room
Usually the motors selected by large manufacturers are the motors that have passed the quality certification of the manufacturers. Although there are sometimes quality problems in a few motors, the quality of the motors is stable enough to be trusted.
Working voltage of clean room driving
Ordinary newly built residential areas use temporary power, and the voltage is often unstable, which will lead to the problem that the motor is weak and the lifting weight is reduced. The rated voltage of the ordinary double-beam traveling motor is 220v, plus or minus 5v. If the voltage fluctuates beyond this range, it will cause the motor to heat up to different degrees, resulting in a reduction in the power of the motor and a reduction in the lifting weight.
Wire rope diameter and length
If a wire rope or filament rope with a larger diameter is used, the speed of the motor will inevitably increase due to the constant speed of the motor, thereby reducing the lifting capacity of the motor and thereby reducing the lifting capacity. In use, try to choose the appropriate wire rope, and the wire rope should also choose the appropriate length, and add several wire ropes of different lengths.
The above are some factors introduced by Anhui clean room driving manufacturers that will affect the quality of clean room double beam driving. I hope that after reading it, I can bring you some help. In fact, in addition to the above factors that will affect the quality of the clean room driving, the poor heat dissipation of the motor will also affect the quality of the clean room double beam driving, so everyone must pay attention to these aspects when purchasing.