Features of the Mecanum wheel of the heavy-duty AGV car

1. Omnidirectional movement: The AGV car travel path is calculated by the software, which can realize the movement function in any direction in the two-dimensional plane, including omnidirectional movement such as straight travel, horizontal travel, oblique travel, arbitrary curve movement, and 360 ° in place form;
2. Load customization: Design and customize the load weight through the combination of the size and number of Mecanum wheel sets;
3. Automatic guidance: With automatic guidance according to the planned path | operation function, visual navigation / laser navigation and other methods can be used through magnetic navigation;
4.Positioning accuracy: A variety of operation methods can be equipped, high control accuracy, manual remote control accuracy + 0.1mm, automatic repeat positioning accuracy reaches + 05mm; with fund adjustment function, can achieve accurate docking positioning during transfer docking;
5. Crossing sill capacity: The wheels of the wheat wheel are strong and durable, with strong carrying capacity, without damaging the ground, and can cross obstacles with a height difference of 10mm during operation, and can pass through a 30mm wide groove
6. Alarm function equipment: Sound and light warning during operation; and system fault diagnosis;
7. Status display function: The device status display is realized on the display screen of the device control panel, and the fault information is displayed.
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