Frame turning machine

In the process of assembling the parts of the frame turning machine in the automobile manufacturing industry, the frame turning operation is generally carried out by a chain turning machine, a toothed belt turning machine or a canvas belt turning machine. The teeth of the toothed belt turning machine are easily damaged, which affects the strength of the toothed belt. The canvas belt turning machine has higher requirements for the canvas belt; however, the normal structure of the turning locomotive frame The overturning shaking is large, and it is easy to cause safety accidents. Usually, the hydraulic frame turning machine mainly relies on clamping the front and rear ends of the frame to turn. This type of turning is a hard turn. The front and rear drive axles are heavier, weighing more than 6 tons, and have high inertia when turning over, and large impacts are dangerous. Therefore, in view of the above aspects, it is necessary to make reasonable improvements to the existing technology.