Function of polyurethane coating on Mecanum wheel

Polyurethane coating can play a great role in the roller coating of the Mecanum wheel. The Mecanum wheel uses rolling bearings and imported polyurethane materials. The driving wheel with excellent performance is mainly manifested in the stable surface, low noise, Durability and all directions. The roller generatrix of the Mecanum wheel is very important. When the roller rotates around a fixed wheel mandrel, the envelope of each polyurethane wheel is a cylindrical surface, so the wheel can continuously roll forward. The mecanum wheel has a compact structure and flexible movement, making the mecanum wheel a very successful all-round wheel.
Polyurethane encapsulation has the characteristics of antistatic, antibacterial, wear-resistant, non-degumming, fast rebound, low noise, etc. When the AGV car is coated with polyurethane material on the roller of the Mecanum wheel, it can fully protect the AGV car For the smooth operation of the machine car and intelligent car, we can customize and develop various types of polyurethane wheels according to customer needs. According to the characteristics of the polyurethane material, it is wear-resistant and rebounds quickly, easy to use.
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