Good supplier of Intelligent cantilever crane

Intelligent cantilever crane is a kind of intelligent cantilever crane equipment. The column-type cantilever crane is equipped with intelligent auxiliary hoist lifting balance device to grab and carry items. It has a small footprint, saves space, and is easy to operate. The intelligent jib crane's jib is a hollow steel structure with a light weight and a large span, and a large lifting weight is economical and durable. Lifting capacity at 125Kg-1000Kg
The intelligent cantilever crane combines the lifting advantages of the folding boom crane and the infinitely variable speed of the intelligent hoist to provide customers with unparalleled lifting speed and accuracy. Achieve maximum production efficiency and minimize the risk of injury to operators and employees.
The operator does not need to control the device itself and the handle, and only needs to control the workpiece to easily achieve the lifting and lowering of the workpiece. The system will detect the weight of the workpiece in real time to keep it in balance regardless of the weight increase or decrease.