Heavy-duty Mecanum wheel of Chinese manufacturer

    The omnidirectional mecanum wheel is an indispensable part of the development of an omnidirectional intelligent assembly vehicle. Because the 360° dead angle-free moving method is based on the principle of a number of center wheels located on the periphery of the wheel, the omnidirectional wheels are used to angle Peripheral wheel axles convert part of the wheel steering force to a normal force of the wheel. Depending on the direction and speed of the respective wheel, these forces are combined to generate a resultant force vector in any required direction, thereby ensuring that the platform is The direction of the resultant force vector can move freely without changing the direction of the wheel itself.
     There are many small rollers diagonally distributed on its rim, so the wheel can slide laterally. The bus of the small roller is very special. When the wheel rotates around a fixed wheel spindle, the envelope of each small roller is a cylindrical surface. So the wheel can roll forward continuously. Mecanum wheel has compact structure and flexible movement. It is a very successful 360° omnidirectional wheel. It is composed of 4 such new wheels. It is a separate independent driver, so it can be more flexible and convenient to implement the movement function in all directions.
Main features:
     360° omnidirectional motion equipment based on Mecanum wheel technology can realize forward, traverse, oblique, rotation and combinations of such motion modes. Based on this, a 360° omnidirectional forklift with no dead angle and intelligent transportation in all directions The platforms are very suitable.
     The omnidirectional intelligent assembly vehicle developed by the omnidirectional Mecanum wheel can solve the problem of difficult to assemble and control due to limited space and narrow working environment of the ship, improve the efficiency of ship support, increase the space utilization of the ship, and reduce manpower. There are obvious effects in terms of cost.