How about the material of subsea bending restrictor?

Materials of bending restrictor:
The materials used to manufacture the bending limiter components are as follows:
●Element-structural polyurethane;
●Element fasteners-super duplex stainless steel;
●Interface steel structure-high-strength structural steel.
Because polyurethane components and super duplex fasteners have inert/corrosion resistance in seawater, the only part of the structure that needs corrosion protection is the interface steel structure. usually provided by a suitable subsea coating system (eg NORSOK, system 7) and connected to the adjacent cathodic protection system or through its own dedicated anode connection.
For specific high temperature applications (ie production lines), you can consider using titanium or 625 alloy element fasteners.
Polyurethane elements are usually molded in yellow or orange, and both colors have excellent visibility when the restrictor is located on the ocean floor.
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