How much do you kmow about the static bending stiffener?

Static Bend Stiffeners:
     The static bending stiffener is an engineering product designed to provide a predefined stiffness at the connection point of a cable or umbilical cable and a rigid structure or other system component. Its main function is to limit unplanned/accidental bending stress in the line at the most vulnerable position, thereby eliminating the possibility of damage at the line connection due to excessive bending. Our curved stiffeners can be designed for static and dynamic environments. For the bending stiffeners designed for use in dynamic environments, the bending load may change during the entire product installation process. Its design has obvious anti-fatigue properties, thereby eliminating any potential failures in the product's entire service life.
      Designed for static/installation only scenarios;
      Separate shell design can be provided according to needs for easy installation;
      Incorporate the necessary integral steel structure to connect with the customer's connection structure when needed;
Can be customized accroding to your needs.
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