How much do you know about polyurethane rubber rollers?

Do you know the characteristics of polyurethane rubber rollers? Get to know it with me, and see if you understand it right, and if you don’t understand it, learn it:
   1. The polyurethane rubber roller has a bright appearance, a fine and smooth surface of the colloid, and the colloid material and the mandrel are firmly bonded. The size of the rubber roller is strictly controlled, and the size will not change greatly under different temperature and humidity conditions. It can adapt to the high temperature and high humidity environment of the printing workshop in the south and the severe cold and dry climate in the north.
   2. The colloid used for polyurethane rubber rollers has sufficient surface viscosity to ensure that the rubber roller has good ink transfer and inking performance during the printing process, and its good ink affinity can ensure high-quality printing.
      3. Polyurethane rubber rollers have good chemical properties and are suitable for various types of inks and printing methods. It has special resistance to solvents in various inks, fountain solutions and cleaning agents. Polyurethane rubber rollers are also suitable for UV ink rubber rollers and varnished rubber rollers, etc., especially for boiling water, diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, kerosene, toluene, alcohol and saline solution have good solvent resistance. But it is not resistant to acetone, ethyl acetate and strong acids and alkalis.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.