How much do you know about the regular maintenance methods of the load turning device?

 Maintenance method of load turning device
 First, regular maintenance;
1Check whether the joints of the inlet and outlet ports are loose, whether there is any aging phenomenon in the inlet and outlet pipes, and if it is found, it should be treated or replaced in time.
2. Under normal use, the crane should be regularly maintained after 300 hours of work or three months of use;
3. Regularly check the reversing valve, whether the lifting cylinder, steering cylinder and hydraulic motor work normally;
Second, regular replacement;
1. The wire rope should be replaced in time when the wire rope breaks every 500-1000 or single wire.
2. The oil filter net is cleaned after 300 hours of normal use.
3. Roller bearing and rope grease should be replaced once every 50~200 hours.
4. The working system of container cranes is calculated according to 8 hours per day. Under normal use and regular maintenance, the lifting locks are replaced every two years, and the oil inlet and outlet pipes are replaced once every year.
5. The crane should replace the hydraulic oil in the tank after the first 120 hours.
6. After the container changer is changed for the first time, the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank should be replaced every time the specified maintenance period is reached. If it is found that there is too much emulsification or impurities, replace the new oil in time.