How much do you know with DRS wheel box biting?

Reasons for  DRS wheel box gnawing rails
1. The traveling wheels of the Demag DRS traveling wheel box are not on the same horizontal line. The unequal wheel track and diagonal will cause the vehicle body to lose its proper amount of movement during operation. The traveling wheels are unequal and non-parallel, which is easy to cause Gnaw rails.
2. The diameter deviation of the two active wheels of the traveling wheel box in the DRS traveling wheel box is too large, causing the running speed of the wheels on both sides to be unequal, each transmission coupling is loose or damaged, and the car body runs skewed, causing rail gnawing.
3. The bearing of the traveling wheel in the DRS traveling wheel box is loose or damaged. The horizontal and vertical deviation of the Demag traveling wheel box wheel may cause the car body to run skewed or the wheel rolling surface wears unevenly, causing rail gnawing.
4. Deformation of the crane truss can also easily cause the DRS wheel box to gnaw the rail.
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