How much you know the method of cleaning polyurethane coated wheel encapsulation?

Do you know the method of cleaning polyurethane encapsulation?
    Polyurethane is more expensive than polystyrene foam, but only a small amount is needed in construction operations, which saves benzene boards and man-hours, and improves work efficiency. In addition, polyurethane can also be injected into the cracks of the weak benzene board and repair cracks.
 Polyurethane encapsulation as a thread rolling tool, its working environment is relatively harsh, so the cleaning of polyurethane encapsulation has become a headache for customers. How should we clean the polyurethane encapsulation in practical applications?
    A cleaning device is attached to the polyurethane cover, so that the polyurethane can be cleaned at any time, and the cleaning effect will be good. Manual cleaning of the polyurethane encapsulation with fine sandpaper and cotton cloth on a regular basis. The manual method of cleaning the polyurethane encapsulation is also good, and it is more inconvenient and trouble-free.
    Wrap cotton cloth for cleaning; cleaning measures after online roll welding: Wrap cotton cloth for cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the remaining impurities on the polyurethane encapsulation, which overcomes the inconvenience caused by manual cleaning of the polyurethane encapsulation. At the same time, this method is also effective in cleaning.
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