How to choose a clean room electric hoist?

How to choose a clean room electric hoist?
1. Lifting height: As a lifting tool, the clean room electric hoist has strict requirements on the lifting height. Therefore, when purchasing, you should first select the height of lifting heavy objects according to the height of your workshop. The conventional lifting heights are 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 30m. For special occasions, non-standard designs can be made according to user requirements.
2. Motor power: The motors used in different clean room electric hoists are not necessarily the same. The same 10t clean room electric hoist motor may also be 13KW or 7.5KW. Customers can choose according to their different needs.
3. Lifting speed: Generally, the lifting speed of electric hoist in clean room is divided into two types: single speed (8m/min) and double speed (8/0.8m/min). Generally, single speed electric hoist is often used without special requirements. (ie CD1 type), if your working conditions require precise positioning in the process of lifting heavy objects, the wire rope electric hoist is easy to choose a two-speed electric hoist (ie MD1 type)
, Under normal circumstances, the lifting speed determines your work efficiency. The higher the speed of the electric hoist, the more you can improve your efficiency.
4. Voltage: clean room electric hoists are used in all walks of life, so the voltages used by electric hoists are not the same. There are 380V industrial electricity and 220V civil electricity, and even a series of non-standard electric hoists such as 440V, 60HZ, 380V, 60HZ, etc. standard power supply. spring balancer
5. The distance from the bottom of the I-beam to the center of the hook of the electric hoist (minimum hook spacing): The distance between the upper and lower hooks should be paid attention to when purchasing an electric hoist in a clean room, because in some specific factories, the hook spacing of the electric hoist will be specified. If you have strict requirements on hook spacing, low building height clean room electric hoist can meet your requirements.
6. Installation method: Clean room electric hoist is divided into electric trolley type (that is, the electric hoist can lift heavy objects up and down and move left and right) and fixed type (only lift heavy objects up and down), and the fixed type can be divided into upper Fixed (A1) and lower fixed (A2), the user can choose the electric hoist suitable for your installation method according to your actual situation.