How to improve the wear and aging problem of polyurethane rollers during long-term operation?

 Polyurethane encapsulation resin is easy to absorb water and deteriorate, so it should be sealed and stored and sealed after use.
There is a dehumidifier in the glue workshop, so you don't need sticks with moisture such as wooden sticks to stir. The substrate should be dry and avoid using inks containing glycerin.
During the long-term operation of the drum, problems such as normal or unexpected wear and aging will occur, which may easily lead to the occurrence of failures, and directly affect the normal production operation of the production. Polyurethane coated drums are an important part and component of the belt conveyor transportation system. , The rubberized roller can effectively improve the operating condition of the conveying system and protect the metal roller.
Polyurethane coated drum rubber is an important part and part of the belt conveyor system. The rubberized drum can effectively improve the operation of the conveyor system and protect the metal drum from being worn. The rubberized surface of the diamond pattern or herringbone pattern, It can increase the surface friction of the rubber plate, effectively prevent the sliding friction between the drum and the belt, reduce belt slip, and reduce the material adhesion on the drum surface, thereby reducing belt deviation and wear, and improving operating efficiency.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.