Inspection and test of overhead bridge crane

Inspection and test of  overhead bridge crane
(1) In general, the overhead bridge crane shall be inspected once - a year.
(2) For overhead bridge cranes that have been newly installed, overhauled, transformed and normally used for two years or have been out of service for more than one year They shall be tested in accordance with the lifting machinery test procedures and can be put into use only after they are qualified.
(3) Load test includes no-load test, static load test and dynamic load test.
Precautions for inspection and test:
(1) Special personnel must be assigned to take charge of the inspection and test work. Before the work, safety education must be carried out for relevant personnel to make them understand the requirements of relevant regulations, and the division of labor shall be clarified.
(2) Carry out final inspection on the bridge crane according to the safety regulations for mechanical, electrical and high-altitude operation
(3) When the car starts too fast, it will be too slow The commander must send a signal after confirming the safety
(4) Except that anyone can send a stop signal in case of emergency and danger, only the commander is allowed to send a command signal.
(5) During the test, relevant personnel shall stand in a safe position.
(6) Safety measures for emergency in case of emergency and danger shall be formulated.
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