Intelligent crane unmanned crane system for steel enterprises

The intelligent crane steel enterprise unmanned crane system is an automated crane system. The unmanned crane can automatically grab, move loading and unloading functions, one-button operation, and no need for personnel on duty. The crane is the most important handling equipment for iron and steel enterprises. The work efficiency of the crane directly affects the work efficiency of the factory workshop. However, the traditional crane still relies on driver driving, handle operation, ground command, and cooperating with cable workers, which has low efficiency, poor safety and reliability, and can no longer meet the needs of production development driven by automation and informatization. Develop the industry 4.0 unmanned crane system, realize the exchange of data and information between the unmanned crane and various production processes, warehouse logistics, factory management systems, etc., and produce according to orders to meet the individual needs of customers, and help realize intelligent manufacturing and build intelligent factories. crucial.