Introduction to the turning process and characteristics of the chain belt load turner

1. Chain type load turning device
The chain type turning machine uses a chain instead of the turning belt. Compared with the belt type turning machine, the chain is a rigid structure, which is easy to damage the appearance and parts of the chassis, so protection measures are usually added in the turning section of the chain. At present, the most widely used turning machine is the chain turning machine. The turning mechanism drives the drive chain to run. The drive chain is an open chain with hooks at both ends connected to the turning belt.
2. Belt turning device
    The turning mechanism drives the turning belt to achieve the purpose of turning the chassis. The belt turning machine is mainly suitable for light truck production.
    Its main features are:
   ①The belt turning product has good adaptability, and the belt suspension points are mainly distributed near the front and rear axles;
   ②Because the belt is in direct contact with the chassis, the belt life is short;
   ③ The impact of the turning process is greater, and the safety risk is higher;
   ④The height of the turning machine from the ground is short.
3. Chain belt type load turning device
Chain belt type turning machine turning process: chassis in place → install turning belt → adjust turning belt position → lift chassis → chassis turn → place chassis → remove turning belt → turn the turning machine and stay in the waiting position.
At present, the belt used in the chain-belt type turning machine is usually a special toothed belt with an inner fiber layer and a polyurethane protective layer on the outer layer.
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