J-type pipe seals that provide long-term barrier sealing and corrosion protection

J-type pipe seals are used to provide sealing and corrosion protection between flexible umbilical cables, cables or pipelines and so-called J-type or I-type pipes found in offshore installations in the field of oil and gas and renewable energy.
Another option for cable protection near the J-type dense device, this product completely restricts each limiter module from bending to a certain angle.
The seal provides a long-term barrier to prevent corrosion by preventing seawater from entering the J-tube. In addition, the sealing clamp provides a reaction interface to connect a series of bend limiters to protect the cable or umbilical cord from excessive bending in the free span.
Main feature:
     Provide passive and diver activation design;
     With compact and low pull-in load options (less than 1 ton), with reliable records;
     Comprehensive internal pressure and sliding test capabilities;
     Established standard and quick installation range of bend limiter, which can be used to protect the cable or umbilical behind the J-Tube seal.
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