KBK automatic cantilever Jib crane cantilever crane has the characteristics of flexibility and wide adaptability

The main girder of the cantilever Jib crane is designed according to the three-way prestress, the bottom plate is 6m wide, the wing plate is 2.5m wide, two transverse partitions are set at the 0# beam section, and one transverse partition is set at the end of the side span.
       The connection between the special connection device of the cantilever crane and the cable is all firmly and reliably connected, and a special insulating substance is injected into the cavity of the special connection device and the cable connection point, and the special connection device and the cable are cured as a whole ; Solve its connection reliability and anti-vibration problems. The swing part of the cantilever crane is divided into manual and electric swing (the cycloid pin wheel speed reducer is installed and the upper or lower pallet drives the rotary arm to rotate). The electric chain hoist is installed on the jib track for lifting heavy objects.
    Cantilever Jib crane is more flexible, mobile and adaptable. It is a separate emergency hoisting equipment required for an effective automatic production line. With it, it can ensure that the production line is unimpeded. The control mode of the frequency converter is divided into two forms: open-loop and closed-loop control, users can choose arbitrarily.
    The low headroom design of KBK automatic cantilever Jib crane is 290mm lower than the standard design of its own height. Therefore, it solves the problem of small space and large lifting height requirements.
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