KF Cable protectice sleeve supplier made in China

Cable protective sleeve system
In the harsh submarine environment, the protective sleeve on the rocky seabed, pipeline/cable intersections and other locations provides excellent wear resistance and impact resistance for the umbilical cord, and provides environmental protection.
The cable protection system is a polyurethane split arrangement. Each part overlaps the next part and is fixed in place by a field-proven titanium strapping system. Within the overlap there are interlocking profiles, which provide the axial stiffness that holds each element together. This provides continuous protection over the entire length of the assembly. In addition, each module adopts a radial keying arrangement, thereby increasing the stiffness of the system against compression.
• Size range: 25mm to 400mm in diameter;
• Impact resistance: 5 to 10 kJ;
• Protection length: Modular design with 1m long span.
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