KF series small size and good safety performance fixed wire rope hoist

What are the unique advantages of fixed wire rope electric hoist?
1. Small headroom size makes full use of the effective space of the plant:
KF series crane “C” has small size, higher lifting height compared with similar products, and smaller limit distance between the hook and the wall, which can effectively increase the working area.
2.Smooth operation and fast positioning:
The use of variable frequency drive enables users to accurately locate the load during lifting or operation, reduce the sway of lifting objects, and increase safety and comfort during safe operation.
3.Excellent performance:
Using VT wire rope electric hoist can greatly improve equipment performance and productivity, and also increase safety.
4.Super reliability and security:
The high-performance motor with a 30% power continuity rate improves the cooling performance by 30% compared with similar products. The high-performance brake has a safe service life of more than 1 million times. The brake is automatically adjusted for wear, which extends the life of the hoist.
5.Large diameter roll, prolong life and reduce deflection angle:
The design of the large-diameter reel of the fixed type electric wire hoist of the table-top type extends the life of the wire rope and improves the safety in work. At the same time, the large-diameter drum reduces the deflection angle of the hoist and achieves vertical lifting. The positioning of the hook is accurate, the drift is small, and the use is more convenient.
6. Humanized design:
From the perspective of performance and use, the desktop wire rope electric hoist fully considers the needs of customers, so that customers increase safety and comfort during use. The upper and lower limit switch devices improve the safety during operation; ergonomically designed hooks make it easy for operators to grasp and facilitate the lifting of goods.