Large workpiece load turning device for automobile production line

The large-scale workpiece Load Turning Device for automobile production lines, our 360° suspension turning device is used for automobile manufacturing, car chassis reversal, car axle inversion and so on. The turning device is a commonly used turning machine. The biggest advantage of the hanging turning crane is that it can be moved and turned, which is easy to operate and practical.
The load turning device has the following advantages:
1The equipment is operated by remote control, and has the characteristics of turning over the large-sized workpiece without slipping and not rotating.
2 With the function of rotating the workpiece, it can be flipped to any angle according to requirements, and it is easy to operate and flexible and reliable.
3 The equipment adopts remote control, the operator can stay away from the characteristics of the flipping workpiece operation, and has the characteristics of light and light flipping.
4 The device has the characteristics of light and flexible movement, no need to move large workpieces, and can move the equipment to the state of flipping and flipping the workpiece on the spot.
5 The equipment uses a return chain to fix the suspension and flip the workpiece.