Lifting accessories-DRS wheels that can be customized on demand

The DRS wheel set is one of the very important lifting accessories on the crane, and the wheel set can be realized when some materials are handled.
In the wheel set of the crane, there are three types of wheel rims: double rim, single rim and no rim.
The role of the rim is to guide to prevent swelling. The trolley adopts wheels with double rims, and the trolley adopts wheels with outer single rims. When the wheels on both sides are not synchronized, it can automatically adjust; the lifting mechanism of general cranes is equipped with a brake, and the lifting is dangerous Cranes with materials (such as ladle) are often equipped with two brakes, and each brake must be ensured to exert its reliability independently. It has been found that when a large car has a light emblem collision, the small car is prone to slip off. It is recommended to adopt internal testing Wheels with meat rims. The horizontal deflection value of the crane wheel set is mainly based on the corresponding technical measures taken according to different product structures. When using wheels without rims, horizontal wheels must be used to guide them to prevent derailment.

Can be customized accroding to your needs.