Load turning device of China crane lifting manufacturer

Chain box load turning device for sand box mould foundry, sand box mould turning device is a common industrial product. Chain suspension electric load turning device, design features: adjustable opening, can adapt to workpieces of different lengths; uniform turning speed, effectively protect workpieces; high turning efficiency; reduce labor intensity, protect the safety of operators; easy operation and maintenance, can Attached as a workshop overhead crane for work, it does not occupy a fixed operating area. Scope of application: This box turning device is used for foundry workshop sand box turning and closing, flow coating sand box tilt spraying, mold workshop molds, tooling turning, machining large, heavy workpiece turning and other occasions, more than the following parameters can be customized.
The design features of the cloth belt hanging electric load turning device: it has the turning function; it can be used as a crane in the workshop without occupying a fixed working area. Scope of application: This product is mainly used in various types of regular or irregular workpiece finishing or paint finished workpiece turning workplace.
Application range of floor-type electric load turning device: Large-scale sand box floor-type load turning device is used for various types of large and heavy molding sand box turning, cleaning and turning of large castings. It can adjust the length, width, and height. The adjustment range can be freely adjusted according to the size of the molding sand box and large castings. It can rotate 360 ​​degrees forward and reverse, and can stop at any position.