Load turning device of crane

  The load turning device comprises a base and a flipping body connected by a flip hinge, the load trurning device is connected by flipping the hinge and the base, and a rubber roller is arranged in the middle of the load turning , and the rubber wheel frame is connected with the base to conveniently and quickly carry the goods at any angle. Flip, or attached to the conveyor line, multi-speed control, and travel switch, the goods are turned over any angle and then moved to the next pipeline; to achieve the three-dimensional flow of cargo transportation, no need  for high transport rate characteristics such as manual and crane,flip machine The structure is simple, the cost is low, the work efficiency is high, and it is safe and reliable.
Main function:
    Inverted by the original manual method, there may be an accidental danger, resulting in damage to the workpiece; endangering the personal safety of the operator; damaging the lifting equipment. The main features of this type of equipment are reflected in the maturity of the product structure and no maintenance accidents. There is also a mobile suspension type load turning  for turning large workpieces. Its main function is to rotate in the welding process of large workpieces, especially in the process of large square or profiled body, in order to weld all the required plane welding on large workpieces or squares, which can improve welding. Efficiency, and can guarantee the quality of welding.
   It also can adapt to the engineering turning requirements of goods of different specifications, provide process transportation safely, smoothly and effectively, and realize the operation goal of converting goods from horizontal to vertical or horizontal to horizontal. Widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mold, paper, refrigeration, steel strip, reel, barrel material, coil material and other industries.