MDI material pallet wheel and polyurethane coated wheel

Polyurethane stacker wheels are used in industrial manufacturing, logistics handling of stackers, electric forklifts, and heavy load-bearing equipment. Under long-term high-load movement, ordinary rubber wheels will wear out and deform. NDI polyurethane has excellent dynamic mechanical properties, good vibration absorption and damping effect, resistance to compression deformation, high load bearing, high wear resistance, resilience, and can maintain stable operation under strong impact external forces and wear.

Industrial electric forklifts, industrial stackers, automatic handling robots, usually run on the ground with water, oil, and chemical substances. The excellent performance of polyurethane hydrolysis resistance, mold resistance, grease resistance, and chemical resistance can meet a variety of harsh conditions. Environment to meet the needs of various scenarios.
1. Excellent mechanical properties, high wear resistance, high tear resistance.
2. Excellent heavy load performance, high volume compression and minimal lateral expansion.
3. Excellent dynamic performance, low internal heat loss, long material life.
4. High temperature resistance, continuous working temperature can reach 80℃, short time can reach 130℃.
5. Corrosion resistant, hardly corroded under chemical substances such as engine oil, lubricating oil, acid and alkali salts.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.