Maintenance method of Chain Electric Hoist

How to maintain the Electric Chain Hoist everyday?
Electric chain hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, which is widely used in modern industry, so how should we maintain it in operation?
1 It is strictly forbidden to suspend heavy load in the air for a long time to prevent permanent deformation of parts.
2. Whenever it is used up, check and arrange the wire rope, cable and operating handle.
3. The reducer should be oiled and lubricated according to the regulations. Generally, it is carried out once every three months. The wire rope and the drum are coated with grease once a week, and the bearing room of each part is lubricated and greased once every six months.
4. Always check whether the rope is bent, knotted, the strands are protruding too twisted, whether the strands and individual wires are broken, whether the rope ends are firmly fixed, whether the rope is clean, etc. The rope should not have significant wear and corrosion.
The above is the introduction of the maintenance of the chain electric hoist. I hope to help you better use the chain electric hoist. In addition to the production and sales of electric hoists, gantry cranes, bridge cranes, Kunfeng also provides various product maintenance. Maintenance business, please call!