Manual large piece turning machine

The turning machine is one of the most common lifting equipment on the market at present, and it is widely used in many fields, mainly composed of a beam, a turning mechanism, a turning sling moving device, a center of gravity adjustment device and so on. When turning the workpiece, the workpiece is hoisted, and the rotating wheel is driven to rotate slowly and evenly. The rotating wheel drives the hoisting belt or chain through friction or slotting. The centerline of the turning is the center of gravity of the changing center of the workpiece, which is a more effective labor-saving tool.
Manual type large turning machine load weight: 1 ton -10 tons
Scope of supply: The basic configuration is equipped with a hanging eye suitable for crane hooks, with a control line, with a flashlight door (left/right and emergency stop), 400V/50Hz 3-phase power
Features of Turnover Machine
1. Low noise and low vibration;
2. Strong carrying capacity and low system pressure;
3. Stable and safe lifting and turning;
4. High loading and unloading efficiency;
5. Easy to carry;
6. Stable operation, safe and reliable;