Manufacturers share the transportation precautions of polyurethane coated wheels

Precautions for the transportation of polyurethane coated wheels. In this transportation process, the choice of product packaging materials is also a particularly critical aspect. It plays an important role in the protection of the product and can effectively avoid collision damage during transportation. Be sure to choose carefully.
1. Each polyurethane rubber roller is first protected with moisture-proof and opaque paper or soft packaging material, and then the rubber wheel is fixed in the iron or wooden box by the end shaft head, the inner wall of the box and the rubber wheel, the rubber wheel and the rubber There should be a distance of 30-50mm between the wheels.
2. In order to ensure the performance, the polyurethane rubber roller should be transported with a wide fiber sling or a thick forklift shovel during the handling process, and no rope, steel wire rope or forklift should be used for direct transportation.
3. Due to the different hardness of the polyurethane rubber roller, it is necessary to strengthen the protective layer of soft packaging paper with lower hardness during transportation to ensure that it will not be squeezed and deformed during transportation.
4. Pay special attention to the bead sealing of tubeless tires during transportation. If a forklift is used to transport the tire, it should be lifted slowly from the outer periphery of the tire. Do not insert the fork into the inner diameter of the tire for handling. Any lifting or handling method that may damage the tire bead due to stress concentration must be strictly prohibited.
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