Manufacturing Technology of Polyurethane Bending Restrictor

The bending restrictor is widely used in offshore oil engineering. It is an important equipment to ensure that the flexible tubing cable does not undergo bending damage. In the design of the bending limiter, material design is a key link. The selection of materials determines the performance of the bending limiter. At the same time, the selected material also determines the molding method of the bending limiter. The significance of the research on the manufacturing technology of the bending limiter is that it can not only provide intuitive experimental verification for the equipment design results, but also improve the molding process according to product defects, so as to improve the competitiveness of the autonomous bending limiter. Since the molding method of any equipment or product is determined by its selection of materials, in order to master the manufacturing method of the bend limiter, it is necessary to study its materials and molding methods.